See a Demo of our Nanny Payroll Software

See how Savvy Nanny Payroll Services makes it easy to pay and file taxes for nannies and other household employees using our easy to use nanny payroll software.

It’s Payday. Time to Run Your Household Employee Payroll

On payday, we send you an
email reminder to log in to your
secure, online account.

You can conveniently access your
account anytime, anywhere you
have an internet connection.

You can also pay contractors.

Our 1099 E-File service also lets
you create, print, and
electronically file 1099-MISC
forms for your contractors. This
service is available the first
quarter of every year.

Run Household Employee Payroll

Your payday screen lists your
employees and their types. 

You simply enter hours for your
hourly employees and any special
pay, like overtime or vacation. You
click Create Paychecks for
instant, accurate calculations and
you’re done!

Our payroll service supports the
following pay types:

Pay Household Employees